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After clicking on a search result, you leave the protection offered by, unless you use our unique proxy function to protect your identity. Please note that this privacy policy applies only to the website. is a search engine, and an advertising publisher, so you will find various links on our site, including but not limited to search results and sponsored results. These sites are owned and maintained by independent companies, over which has no control, and who are not covered by this privacy policy. is not liable or responsible for the content of these sites, or their collection and use of information. prevents the leakage of your search terms to third parties by using the so called POST method by default instead of the GET method, which is used by many other search providers. The POST method keeps your search terms out of the logs of webmasters of sites that you reach from our results. Search terms tell a lot about what you are thinking, which is why this is a privacy issue. With the POST method uses, your search terms are stripped off. This can cause "Web page has expired" messages and prevents from creating shortcuts of results-pages but is preferred from a privacy perspective. To create shortcuts you can use the "Bookmark this search" button on the right of the results page. Alternatively you can switch off "Use POST vs. GET" completely in ‘SETTINGS’. also offers a proxy function that allows the users to see the information on external sites without disclosing their IP address to these sites. Further information on this great privacy tool can be found here.

To fully protect our users from the privacy risks of the Facebook and Twitter social media plugins, we have implemented a two-step approach to show these icons on our site.

Information Sharing does not share personal information with any third party, including its provider(s) of regular or sponsored search results.

When you perform a search on, the search phrase must be sent to the provider(s) of the search results, so that they can be generated and presented to you on the website.

Some results pages on include a small number of clearly labeled sponsored links to generate revenue and cover operational costs. Those links are retrieved from platforms such as Google Adwords. Because we don’t profile you, the ads are not individually tailored to users. In order to enable the prevention of click fraud, some non-identifying system information is transmitted to the sponsored results provider(s). We never share your IP address or other data that would uniquely identify you.

No tracking cookies are used, so there is no cookie information to be shared.